Human Systems of a Structure

Madison Pomarico

Madison Pomarico is a dance artist originally from New York, US. Her primary body of work consists of performative movement for installations and film in attempt to explore the human body and its physical relations to the world.

Madison is a former member of CZD2 - Young Company Zappalà Danza, based out of Catania, Italy from 2018-2019. During her time there she performed original choreographic works by Amos Ben-Tal, Moritz Ostruschnjak, Daniela Bendini, Maud de la Purification, Manfredi Perego, and Roberto Zappalà.

She graduated with a first class BA (Hons) degree from London Contemporary Dance School in 2018. While there, she performed works by Rafael Bonachela, Simon Vincenzi, Ohad Naharin, Hofesh Shechter, Richard Alston, and James Cousins. She also attended Various workshops from 2016-2018 including the Gaga Intensive Tel Aviv, Christopher Tandy/Iván Pérez workshop (IT), Ella Rothschild Workshop (IT), Kidd Pivot Workshop (US), and Body Traffic Workshop, (US).

From 2014-2015, Madison studied under the Pushing Progress Contemporary Training Program in New York where she worked with established artists and choreographers such as Calen Kurka, Bryn Cohn, Loni Landon, Gregory Dolbashian, and Chris Hale.

As a creator, Madison’s various dance installations and films have been presented and displayed at The Place Theatre, London. These include the original works ‘I, the Consumer’ (video installation), ‘Camaraderie at Arms Length’ (dance installation in collaboration with Daniel Conant) and ‘Eyrthrophobia’ (short film in collaboration with Vera Romanova and Liza Gusarova). The film Erythrophobia has been screened as part of the Official Selection at 'The Short Cinema' Film festival in Leicester, UK, 2018, and has also received an honorable mention by The Adobe Awards 2018.

Paolo Pomarico

Paolo Pomarico is a visual artist, whose artwork aims to describe complex ontological and anthropological concepts surrounding the physical relationship between humans, and a human environment; defined compositionally, by how humans impact the space they occupy, both visually and physically. A key aspect of this relationship, being the reactive processes regarding how humans manipulate their environment, and entropic deterioration. This physical relationship described by spatial or material composition, is the conceptual foundation for Paolo’s creative process.

Within this conceptual framework, Paolo has extensive, technical experience with multiple mediums and practices. The majority of their work is sculptural, ranging from large scale fabrication to small scale model making. they have also experimented heavily with digital workflows, specifically with 3D modeling and computer graphics.

The body of Paolo’s most recent, ongoing work experiments with small scale sculpture and model making; using a smaller than life scale to convey a larger than life perspective. The composition of these works focus on the scale of social interaction within a human environment, as well as both the visual and physical influence those interactions have on that environment.

Another continued field of their work falls under the digital practice of procedural or generative terrain modeling, along with physically based fluid simulations. Here, they study environmental erosion, and atmospheric conditions at a geological scale.

From 2015-2017 Paolo created an extensive collection of sculpture, focused on using volume and motion to create abstract compositions of the human form. Within these works, are two larger than life scale figures; fabricated with both a steel internal structure, and a steel mesh and concrete composite shell.